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1784-1786 Auditors Ledger
A Delaware State Auditors Ledger was found in 2023 in the Delaware Public Archives which contained payments for goods and services provided during the Revolutionary War. The Revolutionary War covered the period from April 19, 1775 to November 25, 1783. The Ledger has 300 pages and high-density copies were made of the first 151 pages which cover payments made from April 1784 to June 1786.
The Delaware SAR took on the task of copying and publishing the Ledger. These images are catagorized below by month and year.  The next task is to create an index of the names of the people receiving payments so the records can be easily searched. Once a search has been made and the record found, the date of the service will determine if the record qualifies as proof of Supply Tax. In some cases, there are no dates and the records around the service may help establish the time period.
This is an important find since it helps prove additional Revolutionary War Patriots. There are also female Patriots listed in the records. Female Patriots are difficult to prove since they usually don’t own property and pay taxes.