Delaware Society of the Sons of the American Revolution
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The Delaware Society of the
Sons of the American Revolution

Chapters of the Delaware Society

State Society

Nominal Chapter Area: State

President:  Dennis L. Schrader, Esq.
Secretary:  Larry E. Josefowski

Delaware Continentals Chapter

Nominal Chapter Area: State-wide (New Castle, Kent & Sussex Counties). The Delaware Continentals Chapter consists of all current and prosepective members of the Delaware Society who do not express an interest in joining a geographically-based Chapter.

Chapter President:  William A. Greenly
Chapter Secretary:  Larry E. Josefowski

Major Peter Jaquett Chapter

Nominal Chapter Area: New Castle County

Chapter President: James R. Campbell
Chapter Secretary: Harry B. Roberts III

Caesar Rodney Chapter

Nominal Chapter Area: Kent & Sussex Counties.

Chapter President: Michael Leo Fritz
Chapter Secretary: Steven Martin Dietrich

Lewistown Chapter  (Formed February 20, 2024) - Work In Progress

Nominal Chapter Area: Sussex County.

Chapter President: Troy L. Foxwell
Chapter Secretary: Layne Wagoner

Major Robert Kirkwood Chapter   (Dissolved April 1, 2022)

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