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The Major Peter Jaquett Chapter
Biography of our Namesake: Major Peter Jaquett was a hero who served in thirty-two battles of the Revolution with the Delaware Continentals.  He was a native of New Castle County, born at Long Hook, and buried in Old Swedes Cemetery.
History of the Chapter:  Early in 1994 our founding president, William B. Neal, agreed to organize a chapter that would include the Northern and Eastern sections of New Castle County.  Invitations were mailed to prospective charter members in March, and on the 10th day of April 1994 the Delaware Society's Board of Managers approved petitions to grant charters to the Major Peter Jaquett Chapter and for the Major Robert Kirkwood Chapter.  The organizing meeting was held at the General Robinson House on the anniversary of Thomas Jefferson's birth, April 13, 1994.  The charter was presented on September 14, 1944, the one hundred and eightieth anniversary of "The Star Spangled Banner".  The national anthem was sung and toasts were given to the President of the United States, to the Governor of the State of Delaware, and to Major Peter Jaquett and the Patriots of the American Revolution.  Delaware's Governor Thomas Carper spoke of the challenges of today's patriots.      
Grave Markings:  The Jaquett Chapter has an active program of marking graves of Revolutionary War patriots and arranged for a state historical marker to be placed near the site of Long Hook, home of Peter Jaquett.
Awards Presented:  Each year we present a bronze ROTC medal, one or more Flag Awards, and Eagle Recognition Certificates to numerous Eagle Scouts.  We have instituted and American History Teacher of the Year Award and give six Bronze Good Citizen Medals to high school history students at our Washington's Birthday celebration.  
Youth Contests:  In 1998 an essay submitted to the Jaquett Chapter for the Knight Historical Essay Contest was ranked highest in the chapter, state, and national contests.  We are proud to have provided an opportunity for a local youth to become a national winner. 

Present Officers
President ~ Harry S. Thomes
Vice President ~ Tenney Wheatley Jr.
Secretary ~ Harry Roberts III
Treasurer ~ Andrew Bero
Registrar ~ John C. Workman
Historian ~ Harry Roberts III
Chaplain ~ Tenney Wheatley Jr.
Chancellor ~ Dallas Winslow Jr., Esq.
Surgeon ~ William J. Geimeier, MD
Director-at-Large ~ Robert L. Reed
Director-at-Large ~ Peter Moller
Director-at-Large ~ Noel Kuhrt
Past Presidents
1994 - 1997 ~ William B. Neal
1997 - 1998 ~ Roland G. Downing
1998 - 2000 ~ Roy Richardson
2000 - 2003 ~ Karl A. Zipf
2003 - 2005 ~ Lyman R. Brenner
2005 - 2006 ~ William B. Neal
2006 - 2008 ~ Stephen A. Leishman
2009 - 2011 ~ Davis L. Wright
2011 - 2013 ~ Kevin C. Rolph
2014 - 2015 ~ Lyman R. Brenner
2016 - 2017 ~ Peter K. Moller
2017 - 2019 ~ Harry Roberts III
2019 - 2021 ~ Robert L. Reed