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Memorial List - 2009 to 2024
The Delaware Society honors our departed Compatriots.
Leon William Adams   120534 Major Robert Kirkwood
Thurman William Adams   122008 Continentals
Donald Jules Addor   191772 Caesar Rodney
John Wiley Alden Sr. 70876 At-Large
Stephen Ross Alexander Jr. 146102 Caesar Rodney
Charles M. Allmond III, Esq. 92554 Major Peter Jaquett
James Asheton Bayard Jr. 145432 Major Peter Jaquett
James William Beall   152959 Major Peter Jaquett
Robert Dixon Bewick   181000 Caesar Rodney
James Franklin Booker   128861 At-Large
Charles Robert Bramhall   193324 Caesar Rodney
George Aiden Bramhall   193322 Caesar Rodney
John Trimble Brook Esq. 108570 Major Robert Kirkwood
Kenneth Phillip Brown   148050 Caesar Rodney
William Morris Brown Jr. 88053 Major Peter Jaquett
Forest West Buck Jr. 79814 Continentals
Hugh   Butler   169117 Caesar Rodney
Milford   Butler   173493 Major Peter Jaquett
David Butler Carney Sr. 143696 Major Peter Jaquett
Thomas Williams Charles   173194 At-Large
John Denny Compton   148083 Major Peter Jaquett
George William Contant   178859 Caesar Rodney
Edward Webb Cooch Jr. 65513 At-Large
John Talbot Crane Jr. 132266 Continentals
Talbot Harlow Crane   126151 Continentals
Wesley Clinton Culver   176522 Caesar Rodney
Lyman Abbott Darling Jr. 112224 Major Peter Jaquett
Kenneth Blair Davis   117368 Major Peter Jaquett
Robert Ellis Davis   103785 Major Peter Jaquett
James Robert Dearworth Sr. 114522 Major Robert Kirkwood
Donn Derevere Devine Esq. 115405 Major Peter Jaquett
Ralph Morris Dewey   92568 Major Peter Jaquett
William Charle Drinkard Jr. 153423 Major Peter Jaquett
William Herbert Duncan   162425 Major Peter Jaquett
Pierre   Du Pont IV 119248 Continentals
Warren   Emery   178765 Caesar Rodney
William Edward Evans   160000 Caesar Rodney
Donald George Ewald Jr. 162788 Major Peter Jaquett
Edward H. Fielding   147601 Major Peter Jaquett
Raymond E Frazie   146200 Caesar Rodney
Ray Emerson Frazier   146200 Caesar Rodney
Merwyn Russell French   163403 Caesar Rodney
Virgil Elder Frey   163775 Major Peter Jaquett
John Owen Gardiner Jr. 181505 Major Peter Jaquett
Charles Elmer Garland   135592 Major Peter Jaquett
Richard Wade Garland   153860 Major Peter Jaquett
Thomas Paul Garrison   166683 Major Peter Jaquett
Tom Crumley Gary Jr. 97345 At-Large
Joseph Emmanuel Gates II   153123 Caesar Rodney
Richard Norman Grandstaff   154285 Major Peter Jaquett
William Henry Greenhalgh Jr. 209653 Major Peter Jaquett
Rayner   Hesse   178864 Caesar Rodney
Howard F. Horne Jr. Ph.D 120230 Major Peter Jaquett
Earl Dingle Hudson   184496 Caesar Rodney
Harold Leonard Jackson Ph.D 145543 Major Peter Jaquett
Douglas   Keene   183855 Caesar Rodney
Roger Milton Keister   147093 Caesar Rodney
Paul Kent Koehler   191774 Caesar Rodney
Charles Francis Krauss   165973 Major Peter Jaquett
Harold V. Lang Jr. 71520 At-Large
Stephen Arthur Leishman   151304 Major Peter Jaquett
Alan C. Lewis   167554 Continentals
Frederick Thomas Lewis Sr. 145680 Caesar Rodney
John Caulk Lewis   143548 Caesar Rodney
William Cauffiel Lickle   129967 Continentals
Thomas Jackson Harold Littleton   160246 Major Peter Jaquett
Robert L. Martin   145885 Major Peter Jaquett
Harold Edwin McCabe   141301 Continentals
David George Menser   161142 At-Large
John A. Moller   144131 Major Peter Jaquett
Randy Kevin Murray   103787 Caesar Rodney
William Benjamin Neal   117943 Major Peter Jaquett
Edward Winslow Patchell   169790 Caesar Rodney
James Albert Pletz   167202 Major Peter Jaquett
Galen M. Purcell   194440 Caesar Rodney
Christopher Anthony Rennie   162948 Major Robert Kirkwood
William Byrd Richardson   189286 Caesar Rodney
Kevin Charles Rolph LT. 160685 Major Peter Jaquett
Vaugh Brown Russell   138837 Continentals
Gilbert Stroud Scarborough Jr. 85431 Major Peter Jaquett
William Sutton Scarborough   179375 Caesar Rodney
William H. Severns Jr. 142403 Major Robert Kirkwood
George C. Shaffer   189979 Caesar Rodney
Thomas Upton Sisson Jr. 164244 At-Large
Albert Donald Skinner   119005 Continentals
Charles Kimball Skinner DDS 87366 Continentals
John Eugene Sly   149425 Major Peter Jaquett
Lynn Darwin Spankle Jr. 81625 At-Large
Edwin Lee Stein Sr. 135809 Continentals
Roger Jacob Steiner Ph.D 171189 Major Robert Kirkwood
Thomas Schellenger Stevens II 68810 Major Peter Jaquett
Robert Burns Taylor Jr.,PhD 87338 At-Large
Norman Perry Thompson Jr. 135634 Major Robert Kirkwood
Jaques De Trentinian   126060 Major Peter Jaquett
Raymond L. Townsend   134666 Major Peter Jaquett
Georg Thomas Urban   190308 Caesar Rodney
Carl David Walbeck   160880 Major Peter Jaquett
Melville Frederick Warren   108564 Caesar Rodney
Lloyd Black Wells   138512 Caesar Rodney
John Thomas Whann   74686 Caesar Rodney
Rodney Clayton White Sr. 211759 At-Large
David Stephen Wick   178517 Caesar Rodney
Charles Van Nuis Wilkerson   143395 Caesar Rodney
John Joseph Wolf   182531 Major Peter Jaquett
John Carlton Workman Sr. 190807 Major Peter Jaquett
William Thomas Willins Jr. 87351 At-Large
William Howard Willis   119066 Caesar Rodney