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Currently there are several files that can be opened by clicking on the text in the above fields. They are the following:
     1.  2010 Delaware Society of the Sons of the American Revolution Membership Registry- This Registry covers our membership from 1890 to 2010. It is 234 pages in length and also has two major indexes.
     2.  2016-2022 Delaware Society New Members Lists- These lists show the newly approved DESSAR members, member who have transferred into the Delaware Society from other States and members with dual membership in the Delaware Society who have prime membership in another State.
     3.  Delaware Members Patriot List- This list has the Delaware Member’s name, his Patriot’s name, State of the Patriot’s service and information on the Patriot’s service. It covers the 1750 Delaware members and several hundred supplemental applications with the Patriot’s information. The majority of the data came from the SAR Record Copies.
    4.  Patriot Biographies- Delaware Society members have written bios on their Patriots and these bios are published on the National website. There are also bios that were written to honor Patriots where the Delaware Society marked or honored their graves. Member can use either the Patriot’s name or number to search for the bio on the National website.  We ask that all our Delaware SAR members submit a bio on their Patriot . Please contact someone on the State Bio Committee to have them posted.  For more information on a Patriot bio please go to the National website:
    5. Patriot Research System- This PowerPoint presentation (eight chart) was developed by the National Society and introduces the Patriot Research System (PRS). This system is currently available at the SAR National Website. The PRS contains Patriot Records, Membership Information and Applications with Lineages. 
Updated 5/7/2018