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Good Citizenship Awards

Citizenship | Preserving History | Honoring Veterans

Recognize Exemplary Citizens

The Delaware Society and its chapters present about 80 awards each year to the adult leaders who exemplify the best civic traditions of our nation and to the youth leaders in our communities: high-ranking high school students of history, Eagle Scouts, and outstanding ROTC and JROTC cadets.

SAR Gold Good Citizenship Medal (for significant public service at the national level) Awards to public figures since 1974:

1975 - Christopher Perry
1975 - Gov. Sherman W. Tribbett
1976 - Louise L. Prickett
1977 - Ruth M. Cann
1977 - Betty N. Seimes (President General of the DAR)
1980 - Pierre Samuel du Pont, IV
1986 - Daniel Herrmann
1996 - Gov. Thomas R. Carper
1997 - Sen. William Roth
1999 - Sen. Joseph R. Biden, Jr.
2001 - Howard Franklyn Horne, Jr.
2001 - Rep. Michael Castle
2004 - Edward W. Cooch, Jr. (historic preservation)
2005 - Bruce E. Burgoyne
2006 - Roland Granville Downing, Ph.D.
2012 - Stephen Arthur Leishman
2013 - MG Francis D. Vavala, ARNG

SAR Silver Good Citizenship Medal (for significant public service in the state of Delaware) Awards to public figures since 1999:

2000 - State Rep. Wayne A. Smith
2000 - State Sen. David B. Sokola
2001 - Dr. Robert Selig (history of the Revolution in DE)
2002 - Edward Webb Cooch, Jr.
2002 - Robert Jerry Martin
2003 - Edward Edgecomb Gray
2003 - Joseph Emmanuel Gates, II
2003 - State Sen. Thurman W. Adams
2003 - Dr. Robert Selig
2004 - Dr. John Monroe (history of Delaware)
2004 - Hon. Henry duPont Ridgely
2004 - Roland Granville Downing, Ph.D.
2005 - Charles Russell McCabe, II
2006 - Stephen Arthur Leishman
2008 - William John Geimeier, M.D.
2010 - Lt. Gov. Matthew P. Denn
2010 - Hon. William L. Witham
2010 - Kim Burdick
2012 - Thomas Welch
2013 - Davis Lee Wright, Esq.
2014 - Glenn B. Pusey, Jr.
2017 - Matthew John Barlow, Jr. M.D.
2017 - Lyman Richard Brenner
2017 - George Allan Jones
2017 - William Clement Regli
2018 - Henry T. Clark, III
2018 - Lawrence Edwin Josefowski, Jr.

Maintain and Extend the Institutions of American Freedom
History is no longer taught as a separate course, but has been incorporated into the social studies course. In 1994 the Delaware Society formed a committee to support the NSSAR's Task Force to Preserve U. S. History. Because of profound problems in some textbooks and guidelines for teaching U. S. History the Delaware Society has worked with Delaware's Department of Education to develop state standards that avoid such problems.

Honor Veterans and Support Active Duty Defense Personnel
We provide support and recognition for those who daily put their lives on the line for our safety and security.

The Delaware Society and its chapters present about 20 awards each year to personnel, officials, and researchers at the city, county, and
state levels for:

   Law Enforcement Commendation
   Fire Safety Commendation
   Emergency Medical Service Commendation

We are part of the national SAR partnership with the American Legion. We make donations to support veterans and the families of active-duty military serving overseas. The Delaware Society and its chapters participate in ceremonies on Veterans Day and Memorial Day, when several of our members place hundreds of American flags on veteran's graves from all wars.

Help the Families of Our Defenders: Many members of the Delaware National Guard and Reserve are deployed for lengthy, repeated, and hazardous duty outside of the United States in defense of our nation. The Delaware National Guard and Reserve Emergency Assistance Fund is used to help their families, who sometimes have problems with income and family life in the absence of the deployed family member. Checks made out to "DNG-EAF" may be sent to:

     HQ, Delaware National Guard
     First Regiment Road
     Wilmington, DE 19808

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