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Website Welcome Letter
Welcome to the Delaware State Sons of the American Revolution Website!
Congratulations to Davis Lee Wright on his election as the 117th President General of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. He is the fourth President General form the Delaware Society in the last 22 years. All our President Generals came from the Major Peter Jaquett Chapter. Congratulations President General!!!!!
This website is intended to provide information both for the public as well as for our Delaware membership. The Society was founded in 1890 and since its inception it has had almost 1900 members. These members have documented and proven 2300 genealogies of their ancestor Patriots. These Patriots were from the original colonies as well as several European countries. The first 750 original member applications are stored and are accessible at the Delaware Public Archives in Dover, Delaware. The remaining applications are stored at our National Headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky.
The current Delaware membership consist of almost 330 active members in four Chapters. There are two Chapters in New Castle County, Major Robert Kirkwood, and Major Peter Jaquett, one chapter in Kent and Sussex County, Caesar Rodney, and there is one at-large chapter, Delaware Continentals.
For those who are doing research or personal genealogy, there are several charts as well as one book on the website which are valuable resources. There is an excel spreadsheet which lists the names of our members along with their Patriot’s name, service, and the State of the service. There is sufficient information there to order the original record copy of the application and associated proof, if available. The book is the “2010 DESSAR Registry’ which has 234 pages on our Chapter Histories, Community Leadership, SAR Leadership, Awards to SAR members and much more!
Please enjoy yourselves and browse through the website. The website is for everyone to enjoy and to discover. If you have any questions or needs some help, please feel free to contact one of our officers.
The Website Committee

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