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2020 - 2021 DESSAR President's Message
Compatriots of the Delaware Society,
It is a privilege to be given the opportunity to continue to serve as Society President for 2020-2021.  We live in extremely challenging times.  A year ago, none of us would have dreamed that we would be navigating a pandemic environment.  Covid 19 has affected our workplace, social interactions, grocery shopping, vacation planning, etc.  I hope each of you and your families are safe and heeding the recommendations of our health care providers.
None the less, DESSAR continues to move forward to meet our challenges.  I would like to take the opportunity to share some thoughts and points with you.
First I would like to remind you of the 4 goals I have set for the DESSAR.
  • First – To grow our level of membership. 
  • Second – Need to retain members once they join.   
  • Third Membership development.
  • Finally, Succession planning. 
These basic goals should not be “my” goals.  They should be “OUR” goals.  Earlier this year I appointed a committee to review the 4 goals, identifying good practices already in place and developing recommendations and strategies to accomplish these goals.  The committee, chaired by Robert Reed and comprised of the chapter Presidents, anticipates providing their report to the Board of Managers in September.
As I mentioned above, Covid 19 has presented innumerable challenges.  While all of us would like to physically meet, unfortunately it is ether (A) extremely difficult or (B) impossible depending on COVID 19 restrictions in place.  Yet the DESSAR still needs to conduct its business.  The Board of Managers recognized this and has amended the DESSAR Bylaws to enable the DESSAR to:
  • Conduct electronic meetings when it is impractical or impossible to physically meet.  This amendment covers meetings of the Officers, Board of Managers, Executive Committee, or of the membership of the Delaware Society including the Annual Meeting.
  • Meetings may be conducted electronically either by means of telephone conference call or videoconferencing.
  • These meetings are subject to all other provisions, rules or procedures of the Bylaws concerning notice, quorum, and voting.
In these times, our Society faces many challenges.  But I am convinced that united together in dedicated determination, we can meet those challenges.
In closing, I ask for your help and support that WE may succeed.
In Service to Our Society and Country,
Harry B. Roberts, III
Delaware Society President


Sons of the American Revolution Membership Renewal

October 14, 2019
I hope you and your family had a good year and a wonderful Summer. Your State Society (DESSAR) and Chapters have been busy hosting and participating in many Patriotic events, Youth Programs, Awards and other activities.
One highlight was the DESSAR hosting the 2019 Atlantic Middle States Association (AMS) Conference. Compatriots from the North Atlantic District (NY and NJ) and the Mid-Atlantic District (PA, MD, VA, DC and DE) attended. This included the President General and other National officers. DESSAR Compatriot Davis L. Wright, Esq. was endorsed as candidate for our next President General and DESSAR Compatriot Troy L. Foxwell was put forth as candidate for 2020-2021 AMS Vice President General.
As we look forward to the coming year, your membership and support is the key to your Society and Chapter(s) reaching out and touching our communities by:
  • ensuring that our past is not forgotten, by honoring those who served/assisted colonies during the Revolutionary War,
  • ensuring that core values are promoted by protecting our Constitution and perpetuating American ideals and traditions by inspiring our communities at large and
  • ensuring that young minds are shaped by educating and inspiring our youth about the Constitution and about those who developed our American ideals and traditions as well as their sacrifice.
Given the importance of your support, we would like all of you to renew your membership in our Society for the 2020 year. We have attached a renewal invoice which covers the National, Delaware and Chapter dues. We also encourage you to become dual members in our other Delaware Chapters and, if led, make contributions to support the chapters and our programs.
If you have any changes in your address, phone number or email, please note that on the invoice and we will update our records as well as advise the National Society of the changes. During the year you can also notify the webmaster at of changes, and we will update your personal profile.
The dues payment cycle commences on September 15th and ends on December 31st. When we receive your payment, we will update your personal profile on the website. Each year we have had a significant number of members pay their dues after the end of the calendar year. As we did last year, we are starting the renewal process early in order to avoid late payment issues.
If we do not receive your payment by December 31st, you will be placed in an inactive status. Once you are placed in an inactive status, you will need to go through the reinstatement process in order to become active again. The process is detailed on our website for your information.
The DESSAR membership looks forward to another great year and your participation in our many important activities. In Patriotic Service,
Harry B. Roberts, III
President, Delaware Society, SAR

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