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2021 - 2022 DESSAR President's Message
I want to thank all our members for the honor of leading this Society. It is, indeed, an honor.  I look back at some of our past Presidents, and there have been some very distinguished members that have served as President.  We’ve had Senators, and Judges, Business owners, doctors … a very, very august list, and it is very humbling to be on the same list as those who came before us.
We, along with a lot of other organizations, have been in a tough position for the past year.  We have never had anything like this.  It is one thing to cancel a meeting, but to have everything come to a hard stop … that is going to be tough on any organization.
However, thanks to Harry’s leadership, we managed to pull through it, intact.  He continued to push his goals for the society, and we came out of it with a plan to go forward.  To that end, I am going to shamelessly plagiarize his 4 goals, except to make one important modification going forward into the coming year, and to add one.
First, to get the chapters to implement 2 programs to grow our membership.  The Board of Managers has asked to have input on this, and I am asking them to prioritize that list for our chapter presidents.  There also are things that can be done at the state level, but the chapters are the primary contact with our members – and need to be the primary drivers of these initiatives.
Second….to get the chapters to implement a program, again, developed from the list that was developed, to retain membership.  There were many ideas, from more events to different types of events … one size isn’t going to fit all.  We’ve had relatively good success at Zoom meetings this year … I am anxious to get back together in person, but not everyone can do that. I suggest we find a way to keep that momentum going.
Third…for chapters to develop implement at least one program to develop our members.  This, hopefully, develops from the second goal, but I think will be more focused … to help our members, young and old, learn about the traditions and programs of the SAR. By telling them what is important to us as an organization, I believe we have members who share those values, and will participate in those programs.  I’m here today because of those who took the time to mentor and encourage me.  We need to do the same for the next cadre of leaders.
Fourth….to implement ideas to improve our succession planning.  This, of course, flows also from the third goal, but we need to groom our members for roles this year, and groom them for roles for the following year, and to groom them for greater roles in the future.
Larry Josefowski
Delaware Society President

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