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The Delaware Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, a Delaware non-profit corporation originally organized on January 29, 1890, is a patriotic, historical and educational section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. The Delaware Society, as an integral part of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revoltion (NSSAR), helps perpetuate and preserve the memory, ideals, patriotism, courage and sacrifice of those men and women who helped secure American independence from Great Britain through the Revolutionary War (1775-1783). The Sons of the American Revolution believe that preservation and promulgation of these stories serves to inspire and strenghen each succeeding generation to continue to defend those freedoms originally given to us by the heroes of the American Revolution.

2015-2016 Delaware Society Officers & Board of Managers

President:  Troy L. Foxwell
First Vice President:  Peter K. Moller
Second Vice President:  Harry B. Roberts, III
Secretary:  Harry S. Thomes
Treasurer:  Rev. Dr. Rayner W. Hesse, Jr.
Registrar:  William C. Regli
Historian:  William Richardson
Chaplain:  Rev. Dr. Rayner W. Hesse, Jr.
Chancellor:  Davis Lee Wright, Esq.
Surgeon: Dr. M. John Barlow, M.D.
Director at Large:  Robert M. Detwiler
Director at Large:  Robert L. Reed
Director at Large:  Lee Stein, Jr.
Past President: George A. Jones
Past President: Dallas Winslow, Esq.
Past President: Lyman R. Brenner
Past President: John C. Lewis
Past President: PG Stephen A. Leishman
Maj. Robert Kirkwood Chapter Representative: Brian J. Roberts
Maj. Peter Jaquett Chapter Representative: Peter K. Moller
Caesar Rodney Chapter Representative: George N. Locke
Delaware Continentals Chapter Representative: Harry B. Roberts, III

National Representatives

Trustee (2014-2015): Peter K. Moller
Alternate Trustee (2014-2015): Troy L. Foxwell

Former President General: PG Howard F. Horne, Jr. (1999-2000)
Former President General: PG Stephen A. Leishman (2012-2013)

National Executive Committee: Davis Lee Wright, Esq.

Past DESSAR Pesidents